Up until now, TeliaSonera, the largest mobile network operator in Finland and Sweden, was using MotionBridge (acquired my Microsoft in 2006) for their on-portal search service. I’ve heard from an inside source that in the 2 weeks, TeliaSonera will relaunch a brand new search service on their WAP portal in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. TeliaSonera will stop working with Microsoft. Instead they have chosen JumpTap, a white label mobile search engine that has been growing during the last 2 years.

TeliaSonera’s mobile content providers will still be able to index their content with JumpTap, so that users can find them via search keywords, just like MotionBridge/Microsoft. What’s new is the paid search solution offer. Advertisers can now buy sponsored listings from JumpTap to appear in the search results, there will be two ads per page.

TeliaSonera’s WAP portal is also going to be revamped, and the focus will on mobile Internet thanks to a tool called SurfOpen, you can find more information about that on this press release.

This is yet another case where a mobile network company chooses to work with a white label search engine, rather than one of the big 3s. Let’s wait a few months or years to see if this choice proves to be the right one for users, advertisers, and mobile phone companies.

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    […] Thanks to Nadir Garouche at SEO Principle for this news and an in-depth look at what it means. According to his blog, well-placed sources confirm that TeliaSonera is set to take the wraps off a new mobile search service, effectively booting MotionBridge (acquired by Microsoft in 2006) and replacing it with a solution from JumpTap. I have approached JumpTap for comment and will circle back when I have a response. […]

    […] Nadir Garouche at SEO Principle broke the news on JumpTap’s mobile search and advertising deal last week, which I then pulled from my site when JumpTap promised an exclusive briefing to connect the dots. The wait was well worth it. I not only have the details; I have an insightful Q&A with Mike Kent, JumpTap GM Europe, that walks us through the service and the pivotal importance of SurfOpen, an Internet toolbar TeliaSonera is rolling out to ensure a uniform and user-friendly mobile Web (& search) experience. (Now, if you reread this post from a recent mobile search conference, you’ll understand the clues TeliaSonera’s Arto Mustikkaniemi was leaving for us…) […]

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