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During Google Searchmasters Conference 2009, one of the presentations was about Mobile Web Design. The presentation, named “Building Mobile Friendly Websites” and held by Ankit Gupta, helped Indian webmasters understand why there is a need for mobile websites and provided guidance on how to build mobile friendly sites.

Back at the end of July 2008, a patent from Google named “Blending Mobile Search Results” has been published. It’s only until recently that I decided to read it.

Mobile SEO: Google Updates its Mobile Web Index

Posted by Nadir on September 23rd, 2008

I was looking at the ranking positions on Google Mobile for a bunch of websites I’m working on and noticed what looks like a major update in the “Mobile Web” index (I’m linking to a search results page here)

Mobile Search and thus Mobile SEO are hot topic today. Apparently, much focus has been put on mobile search at CTIA recently.  If you follow news in the mobile search industry, you probably heard of a new mobile SEO company that was officially launched a few days ago, visibility mobile, based in Ireland and whose […]

Google Mobile Search Now Displaying Related Searches

Posted by Nadir on September 9th, 2008

Google seems to have added a new feature in its mobile search engine: related searches. Right after you searched for a keyword, some related searches will be displayed right at the bottom of the page, below the mobile Adwords listings.

Google Webmaster Tools has a Diagnostic section dedicated to Mobile Crawl Errors. Someone over at WebmasterWorld recently noticed a new warning that reported that two pages of his Non-mobile Web site were “too big for common mobile devices, with the error message “Document size too large”. ”

When you use Google Search from your mobile phone, you see two kinds of web pages results: traditional web pages (the same ones that you’ll see from your desktop) and mobile web pages.

If you’re doing SEO for mobile sites, you may have noticed recently that Youtube mobile pages are all over the place in Google Mobile search engine results (mobile web). For any kind of query typed, you’ll see one or more Youtube links in the first result page. And very often, these Youtube videos are not […]