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Missing Things in Google Chrome (from a Developer Standpoint)

Posted by Nadir on September 3rd, 2008

So I’ve been testing Google Chrome yesterday. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s indeed fast. I’ve visited the same pages I usually visit with Firefox and it loaded much quickly.

Most of the articles on the Wall Street Journal website are only available to paying subscribers. Rupert Murdoch said that he may make the site free but there’s already a way to view all articles on for free.

AOL Shuts Down Research Department

Posted by Nadir on September 4th, 2006

AOL Shuts Down Research Department

How Bloggers are Influencing Society

Posted by Nadir on April 19th, 2006

Instead of sharing your ideas at your local pub with a few buddies, it has become pretty easy to share your ideas with thousands, or millions of people thanks to blogs, but also forums and all kinds of websites. According to Technorati, they are now more than 35 millions of blogs, who are most of […]

Internet Explorer: Microsoft admits the “Mess Up”

Posted by Nadir on March 21st, 2006

“We messed up”. That’s what Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft Internet Explorer general manager said yesterday at the Mix06 conference in Vegas, while talking about the delay they took in releasing the new version of IE. Indeed, the latest version of IE was released in 2001, and nothing new has been released since, until IE 7.

Performancing , the famous site dedicated to the bloggers’ community, has just released a free Web Analytics Service for bloggers. It’s called Performancing Metrics. I’ve already installed it for SEO Principle and it has a pretty neat configuration. The metrics allow you to get plenty of information about your visitors, but also about the search […]

Are you Web 2.0 or not?

Posted by Nadir on March 9th, 2006

These days, it seems that people are talking about Web 2.0 more than ever. Many sites that I visit everyday just changed their design recently to look more Web 2.0, and the number of new web applications is booming.

A good “new” blogs list

Posted by Nadir on February 27th, 2006

Todd, over at Stuntdubl has published a good list of his favorite “newer” blogs. I recognized a lot of sites on his list but he also included sites that I’ve never heard about before but that seem very interesting. A good example is Fiftyfoureleven, a beautiful web dev resources site and blog. The author seems […]