So I’ve been testing Google Chrome yesterday. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s indeed fast. I’ve visited the same pages I usually visit with Firefox and it loaded much quickly.

What’s good is that each tab runs as its own process, so if there’s something wrong with one tab, it won’t affect the other ones and crash the whole thing.

Now, I’ve noticed a few things missing from Google Chrome that will not allow it to be the web developer’s favorite web browser:

– No extensions: Ouch! Extensions aren’t available right now but according to Matt Cutts, they will be soon.

– No “Open File” : I’ve tried to open an HTML page located on my computer to see how it renders with Chrome, but couldn’t find this option. Or maybe I missed something?

– No support for RSS: Chrome doesn’t seem to have a built-in RSS reader nor a shortcut to subscribe to a site’s RSS feed like on Firefox, the usual orange icon located in the toolbar.

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