In this post about Google Chrome, I mentioned that there is no “Open File” function like in Firefox or other browsers.

But there’s actually a way to do it right from your toolbar. You need to use the file: URL scheme

In Google Chrome’s Toolbar, type “c:” and enter (or whatever letter that corresponds to your hard drive), it’s actually a shortcut that will open file:///C:/.
google chrome file url scheme

From there you can browse your folders and find your HTML page or whatever document you want to open with Google Chrome.

UPDATE: It turns out that there is actually a keyboard shortcut to open a file: Ctrl+O. I just found this on Google Chrome Help page, which lists all shortcuts available, more info here. But, well, you can still use the file URL sheme if you want to convince yourself that you’re a geek ūüôā

7 Responses to “How to Open a File with Google Chrome?”

    Excellent thank you.
    Shame you can’t ‘open’ files that are online, only save.
    Having to download a pdf or whatever and then open it is so not productive, when compared to IE and FF’s way of just displaying the content within the browser via plugin or whatever.

    Come on Google, sort it out!

    We’ve been hearing things like IE getting affected by viruses,lately.
    my own IE does’nt open without some display errors and then it takes forever to close them.not sure whether its bugged already .
    anyway,i’d like to know if chrome has inbuilt immunity to these viruses as it the latest thing .so far ,so good but if there’s any anti virus u can recommend ,do let me know.thanks.

    Chrome is not immune to viruses. Nothing is. Get AVG antivirus.

    neither one works: clicking on the file I want to open simply produces a “save as” window

    modification of above comment:
    I was trying to open a file in a virtual drive created for local-host website development — with that sort of file CNTRL+O will not work. However, it does work for files that are not on a virtual drive.

    opening .html files in chrome

    Have you tried dragging and dropping into chrome. I do that when i want to view my .html source files, and how they look in the browser and it works fine

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