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How can you differentiate from a competitor in order to gain more market share? Sometimes, a company can take a pricing decision that can boost its sales but also generate a positive response amongst their customers.

Research Beyond Google

Posted by Nadir on November 1st, 2006

Many people don’t really realize it, but only a small part of the world information is indexed in Google. Furthermore, people start realizing that some of the results displayed in the search engines’ results do not always satisfy them.

John Battelle launches Digg-like site for Search

Posted by Nadir on September 12th, 2006

John Battelle just announced on his blog that he has launched a new feature on his site that allows people to submit stories related to Search. The feature is called SearchMob and is basically similar to Digg but for search news only, woo hoo!

AOL Shuts Down Research Department

Posted by Nadir on September 4th, 2006

AOL Shuts Down Research Department

Study Buddy: AOL’s search engine built only for homework

Posted by Nadir on September 2nd, 2006

If you have children and ever tried to use a search engine with them in order to find help for their homework, you probably realized that it wasn’t always easy to find relevant results.

SEO Blog Search Engine

Posted by Nadir on August 17th, 2006

Donna from SEO Scoop just announced that she created a Rollyo Search Engine to search trough a list of 25 SEO/M blogs such as SEOMoz, SEO Book or SERoundtable. I agree with her, it’s sometimes very annoying when you can’t remember where you’ve read that interesting post a while ago. Thanks Donna!

MSN is the most accessible search engine

Posted by Nadir on July 24th, 2006

That’s quite funny: a search for “search engine” on Google Accessible Search ranks at #1. is not even listed in the first 20 results.

Kosmix launched 4 new vertical search engines

Posted by Nadir on June 26th, 2006

A few months ago, Kosmix launched a vertical search engine dedicated to Health. I first discovered this search engine  in February and blogged about it. Like I said in this previous post, the guys who are behind this search engine are Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan , two guys who both studied at Stanford university, […]