If you have children and ever tried to use a search engine with them in order to find help for their homework, you probably realized that it wasn’t always easy to find relevant results.

AOL recently released a search engine that helps schoolchildren find useful resources and information.

Note that the domain is actually AOL’s trying to avoid the sandbox by using a subdomain and also keywords in the url ūüôā

In this article from Seattle PI, you can read:

June Herold, AOL’s vice president for education and consumer services, said StudyBuddy was a response to complaints that because regular search engines have to cater to so many needs, results aren’t as useful for homework.

Because the results are pre-screened by teachers and librarians, Study Buddy provides only useful videos, articles, links to websites, or even games.

It’s a really nice move from AOL, I believe this is the only search engine of that kind on the web.

4 Responses to “Study Buddy: AOL’s search engine built only for homework”

    I am absoulutely furious that studybuddy was discontinued. I got so much help, and now it’s discontinued?

    How could you?My little brother and I got so much help.Everytime i used Study Buddy me and my brother got an A or A+.It was great.You can’t expect the whole intire world to use your website,but so many people used this website.Even my best friend.I’m really angry you did this.Right now I want to scream.You help me so much,then when I try to find you,your shut down.Oh thanks.I’m furious.
    Christa and everyone else who used this website.May I get an amen.

    OMG!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO my favorite resource gone? how could they? why did it discontinue anyways? so many people used it. ggaaaahhhhh any replacement ideas?

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