That’s quite funny: a search for “search engine” on Google Accessible Search ranks at #1. is not even listed in the first 20 results.

3 Responses to “MSN is the most accessible search engine”

    Well we should not blame Google for being honest

    I’ve done searches similar to yours, with the same results. Kind of ironic isnt it:)

    Earlier this year, my page rank bar showed Google as 9. Shows how stringent there ranking system is! Anyways, thats my 2 cents.

    BTW- nice blog. We accepted your submission today. Keep up the great work.

    Christian @ iBlog Business

    Hi Christian, and thanks for the link 🙂 Yeah, you shouldn’t worry too much about what your toolbar displays, it’s almost never the real PR.

    Good luck with your business blog directory, I like the idea.