Performancing , the famous site dedicated to the bloggers’ community, has just released a free Web Analytics Service for bloggers. It’s called Performancing Metrics. I’ve already installed it for SEO Principle and it has a pretty neat configuration. The metrics allow you to get plenty of information about your visitors, but also about the search engines they used to find you, and much more.
It’s a pretty neat service that they provide here. For example, you’re able to see which posts from your blog people have read, you can have a comments summary, you can see your visitors’ languages, and you can also have adsense information.

And the great news is that everything is free! I guess I don’t have to wait for Google Analytics anymore… Congratulations to the Performancing team! They already have 500 blogs which subscribed to the service. If you don’t have a Performancing account yet, you can sign up now.

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