Again Todd comes up with a thoughtful post about SEO. He describes how SEO must be now, and has to switch to a “2.0 era“. He sees SEO as an Internet Marketing technique with a comprehensive understanding of usability, design, traffic, trend, economics, conversion, risks, budget and other detailed principles.

I think this post should be read by all the SEO consultants who are still doing approximate work for their clients, and who are willing to still be there by the end of the year or even earlier.

With the growing number of businesses allocating a budget to SEO, and with search engines trying to use other factors to evaluate the quality of a website, those who still apply shallow techniques will have a hard time achieving succesful SEO campaigns.

4 Responses to “SEO 2.0”

    Great post Nadir! I saw Todd’s post this morning, but I like what you have to add to it and it definately makes sense to me! Also, never saw that post from SEroundtable, so thanks for posting the link!

    BTW, the blog is lookin’ good man! Don’t forget to vote for it on Featured Feed Sources.

    Thanks SEOforumz. Yes, Todd’s post is definitely great. Good thing you created this contest, I just voted, good luck with it!

    Hey I did the fisrt “SEO 2.0” article !
    But it doesn’t count it is in french so I won’t be quoted by Search Engine Watch ahaha ūüėÄ

    FYI the post is there :

    Hi Sébastien! (Salut!)

    Yeah, I think I’ve already read your article, very interesting indeed. I know that there are many great SEO articles in other languages (french, german, spanish, etc..) but it’s a pity most of the articles that get attention are the ones written in English.

    Some folks in France often translate English articles for the french audience, I think that would be great sometimes if we did the same thing the other way around (not only with French, but with any language ).