I visit hundreds of sites each week and I sometimes see a few websites that still use atrocious frames. But I didn’t know that the average number of websites using frames accross the Web was around 16% in 2006.

Security Space published a study called Technlogy Penetration Report that shows the penetration rate of a number of client side web technologies, including Javascript, CSS, or Frames. A more complete chart is available here.

The study was based on a sample of 1,358,991 web sites, so you can imagine that the numbers can be quite significant.

It’s interesting to see that 50% of all web sites now use CSS for their design, but it’s still very sad to read that 16% of web sites still use frames. I guess this just shows that many people still need to be educated if they want to make a good use of the search engines to get traffic.

Source: ZDnet’s Web 2.0 Explorer Blog

One Response to “16% of web sites still use frames”

    Why not?
    Sometimes using frames would be useful and make sense.
    They are still part of the standard, so I don’t think people should be “educated” against using them.
    Is like saying that is sad that there are people using bikes, sometimes it’s just more convenient.