Today, Opera announced the public availability of the latest version of Opera Mini (4.1). See the press release here.

The press release explains the new features available and cites Opera’s CEO saying that more than 44 million people have downloaded Opera Mini so far.

There’s also a citation from one user which is rather funny. It’s from a student from Lithuania:

“Opera Mini 4.1 is just great,” says RamÅ«nas Monkevičius, a student from Lithuania. “I use it at school to find information on Wikipedia, […]it really helps me at school. I can just save my Wikipedia pages and access them whenever I need to. My history grades improved drastically, thanks to Opera Mini.”

Did the guy just say that Opera Mini was an innovative technique for cheating at school? O_o I believe so 🙂

2 Responses to “Opera Mini: The Cheaters’ Choice?”

    Opera Mini: Helping lazy folks pass exams since 2008.

    I can remember having a small computer that was like a calculator were you could program things into it. So for a mock Calculus exam I used it but thought I must have miss programmed it. Only question I got wrong in that exam and guess what I had not miss programmed it after all.

    Just shows you should not cheat.