Myspace just announced that it will add a Digg-like news service on its site. Rupert Murdoch must think this area isn’t saturated enough. But heck, with over 100 million unique visitors, they’ll for sure generate more revenue with this service.
This is what the news service will consist of:

“The service, called MySpace News, resembles a mix of Google Inc.’s Google News, which collects stories and arranges them based on thematic similarities and, which displays stories suggested by its readers and displays them according to their popularity ranking, executives said.


The news service, long rumored, will have 25 main topics and about 300 sub-categories ranging from celebrities and gossip to autos and fashion. “

4 Responses to “MySpace to Create Digg Clone”

    Myspace probably want to take over the world, just as all the major sites today 🙂
    Well, competition is good. I am not sure if this service will be though, but I am not a great fan of myspace.

    I think it’s great. I don’t use MySpace much anymore but Digg is not as good as it used to be – more junk, less fun and info.

    It’s not that I have a lot of faith in MySpace’s version but competition has always been good for the users.

    I gotta say, the main reason I don’t visit Digg as much these days is that every other site they link to is pegged from too much traffic.

    The Digg experience has definitely declined for me, so I’d look at other options.

    Great post.

    I’m all for a new Digg clone. MIXX has done really well also.

    Robert 🙂