The answer is simple: sell links!

Inspired by BVWG.

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    I wish it were that simple. I’m a new hand at webdesign and am still having a tough time figuring out exactly what to do without spending tons of money to get my PR higher. It was my understanding that they don’t even update PR on a daily basis… is this correct?

    hmm is that really possible?

    Since there are only 1 or 2 pr updates a year, no this is never possible.

    I would like to know how to increase my page rank…

    Page rank is updated sporadically. It’s been updated at least twice this year (Mar 2008) already in an attempt to combat sites that are buying and selling links. I wouldn’t always believe what your tool bar is telling you, there appears to be a spilt system, one for the public and one for Google.

    To increase your pagerank get some content on your website that’s worth linking to and ask people to link to it, do everything you can to make it easy for them. Eg. Provide html code, host images on your server etc. It’s getting more difficult these days but you’ll find many webmastera only too happy to link to content provided they like it.

    Google updates page rank every 3 months. If you want a top 10 search engine ranking for any keyword, I can get it for you. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg either or get you banned.

    I don’t use any black hat or spammy tactics and have done it for all of my clients. I must warn you though, if you have a made for adsense or spammy site, don’t waste your time.

    I only help legitimate businesses. I don’t expect you to beleive me though. I will prove it to you with my 30 day free trial. If you want a top 10 search engine ranking for your site, visit now and watch the video, shoot me an email or call me and we can talk about moving foward and getting you that first page search engine ranking for your keywords.

    I want to get PR4 somehow… but it’s kinda hard ;(

    simples 🙂

    simples 🙂 .

    is it really can? i think i should try ur suggestion first. thanks for sharing dude.

    is it really that easy? I have beeen spending much time just to tread about it.

    It is not possible. PR does not even update every 24 hours!

    Is there any other way.
    I’ve just launched my site and I was wondering to find out an easy way to take my site to PR4

    how to and what to sell ?? BVWG link is not english .. pls explain how to simple ?? thanks

    So what if you do get a PR4, doesn’t really mean a whole lot. I’d rather rank on page 1 of Google with a low PR than have a PR4 and nobody can find my site.

    Not possible

    Thanks for the info

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    Hey I don’t think this is possible because if by selling the links we can get the the pr than what is the use of white hat that says link building should be ethical….The person who makes links manually than what about them?

    I don’t think this is actually possible
    Getting PR 4 in 2 months is really hard
    How can you made it in 24 hours?