So I received this comment today:

Author : Anikrichard
E-mail :
hello , my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments ,
I can help you with this problem . I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50% .In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site. The link will be small and your visitors will hardly notice it , its just done for higher rankings in search engines. Contact me icq 454528835 or write me tedirectory(at) , i will give you my site url and you will give me yours if you are interested. thank you

Thanks for the good laugh Richard 🙂

7 Responses to “Funniest Spam Comment Ever”

    Yeah probably he’s joking and and used it to exchange link with you. I know he can’t do it with your blog. Co’z I guessed he only post 1 comment on your blog. Isn’t it?

    He is just a spammer. Check these results on Google

    He spammed more than 20,000 Blogs. I bet its Automated Bot

    Hi Dansko, yes, of course it’s a bot. But I wonder if some people would be stupid enough to link to him 🙂

    Nadir, the URL above wwwwww .com in your post is active and clickable. I clicked it and landed on site which tried to install Spyware on my system. You may want to edit it.

    Hi Dansko,

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve removed all URLS that were active.

    Plugin Details

    If you’re upgrading from a previous version, you can upload the new plugin files in place of your existing files (‘../wp-content/plugins/wptouch’ folder). Your settings and icons will remain the same. If you’ve made changes to the WPtouch theme files, you’ll need to back those up for now. We’ll be getting around this in WPtouch 2.0 with the introduction of theme support.

    We strongly recommend you use our theme files, as they continue to evolve towards more customization, and with WPtouch 2.0, you’ll be able to customize most of the theme yourself, save it as a new theme, and use it alongside our default theme, without losing any changes during an upgrade.
    Getting Started

    Before you begin, make sure you have a current backup of your WordPress installation and your database. If you’re new to a WordPress backup, you can read this step-by-step guide from

    It’s highly unlikely anything will go wrong, but you can always be sure that it won’t matter by backing up… right?

    To use the WPtouch theme & plugin on your host you’ll require a few things, some of which may be obvious to you but we’ll record them all here so we can say ‘we told you so’ if you don’t meet them.


    * Have a webhost capable of running WordPress 2.6 or higher (PHP 4/5 Supported)
    * Have FTP access (if you’re not using WordPress 2.7 or newer) to install the theme plugin folder


    * Like iPhoney to look at your site if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch (Mac only)
    * Want to download Safari and enable developer mode, then turn on the iPhone user agent in Safari and minimize the window width to see what your site looks like with WPtouch installed (Works for PC / Mac)
    * Want a text editor that edits file in plain text to customize template files
    * Want an FTP program to upload your files
    (Free options: Windows: Filezilla / Macintosh: Cyberduck)

    Built-in Feature Set

    WPtouch comes with a host of built-in features. Some notables include:

    * User-selected theme toggle
    (between WPtouch view and your site’s regular look)
    * iPhone-like application appearance, functions
    * AJAX, jQuery & JS effects
    * The ability to turn advanced javascript effects & ajax on/off
    * Full WordPress search, pages, archives, categories, tags and links support
    * Theme native social bookmarking support
    * iPhone/iPod touch native post e-mailing support
    * Ajax comments, posted in real time
    * Ajaxed pagination (users can browse posts like YouTube videos)
    * Admin selectable custom icons for pages, logo, bookmark icon
    * Manually edit your site’s title to fit WPtouch
    * Show / Hide post excerpts, customize style in different ways
    * Easily add your own icons to customize menu appearance
    * Admin inclusion/exclusion of site pages shown in the theme’s menu
    * Compatibility suite in admin to inform of add-ons, WordPress version support
    * Favicon fetch & conversion to .png for links displayed using the WP blogroll
    * Support for FlickrRSS plugin, video plugin
    * Automatic Archives page layout (if you have or create a page called ‘Archives’)
    * Automatic Photo page layout with Flickr (if you have or create a page called ‘Photos’ and have the FlickrRSS plugin installed)
    * Automatic Links page layout with your blogroll links listed with their favicons (if you have or create a page called ‘Links’)

    Download, Installation, & Plugin Activation

    WordPress 2.7 or higher:
    You can search for ‘WPtouch’ in the add new section of WordPress under Plugins. Simply install, activate and you’re done!

    Okay, not completely done- you’re now running WPtouch, without any of the theme’s options configured.

    WordPress 2.6 or older:
    As of WPtouch 1.9.4 we no longer support legacy versions of WordPress.

    *NOTE: This theme has not been tested with the majority of different plugins available for WordPress. That said, it *should* be fine to use with many of the plugins. The general caveat here is that if you’re running some other plugin that formats your website for mobile viewing for the user agents supported (iPhone, iPod Touch & Android), it will likely interfere with WPtouch.

    If you need assistance with the WPtouch plugin, please visit the WPtouch support forum.
    Admin Options

    WPtouch comes with an admin panel for setting page and icon configuration. Also included on the admin panel is a compatibility suite which will help with setting up pages automatically display supported WordPress archive and links functions, as well as help with detecting supported or conflicting plugins.

    After you’ve downloaded, installed and activated WPtouch, you can proceed to the Settings tab, then select the new ‘WPtouch’ tab from its submenu.

    Your WPtouch admin page will look something like this:

    WPtouch 1.9 Admin (1)

    * WPtouch 1.9 Admin (2)
    * WPtouch 1.9 Admin (3)
    * WPtouch 1.9 Admin (4)

    The admin features a number of options panels and settings. Review them all to get the most out of WPtouch on your website. Items with a red ‘?’ denote more information about that item. Clicking the question mark will open a viewer pane to see the info.
    Solving WP-Cache Incompatibility

    Please review this Knowledge Base article in our Support Forums for configuration settings required to run WPCache/Super Cache.
    Updates & Revision History
    # Fix for broken switch links (missing images) on some installations when in regular theme view
    # Added detect for custom field key ‘Thumbnail’ to work first before using WP 2.9 Thumbs, for those who’ve been using this method already
    Version 1.9.7
    # Added Post Thumbnails View option (WordPress 2.9 only) for main post listings
    # Added option to show neither post thumbnails nor calendar icons
    # Added style option to choose the font of H2 elements on post listings, single entries and pages
    # Various style & code improvements and fixes
    Version 1.9.6

    * Fixed php logic in adsense-new.php (thx JeanPaulH)
    * Added support for GigPress’ Upcoming Shows to be a drop down in the header menu
    * Changed relative comments logic, added function for GMT detection
    * Adding padding, size to multipage links
    * Removed WP version from footer (security vulnerability)
    * Changed admin RSS feed from Support Topics to Twitter Topics
    * Updated admin settings image
    * Fixed cutoff tweets from WordTwit in the drop-down
    * Verified WP 2.9 compatibility

    Version 1.9.5

    * Added Twitter updates menu item support for WordTwit’s new features
    * Added CSS for TweetThis and AddThis plugins to be hidden
    * Added page/post title to HEAD for Tweet purposes
    * Added user agent detection for non-apple mobile devices to be served Twitter link correctly
    * Added 180-degree animation to post-arrow dropper and removed excess JS and code
    * Added new tab pane for the header (menu, tags, categories, account)
    * Added more theme compatibility for other touch devices
    * Added ‘edit, delete, spam’ links for admins on comments
    * Changed default OBJECT and EMBED css to only apply to .post, not site-wide
    * Changed comment ajax routine
    * Changed ‘Links’ appearance adding support for link categories, removed favicon scripts
    * Changed the way the header links are setup
    * Small refinements in the theme CSS all-around
    * Made progress towards reply and pagination in comments, not there yet

    Versions 1.9.4.x

    * Fixed space appearing below title on single post pages
    * Added compressed js for the admin
    * Updated Fancybox script & files to v1.2.5
    * Updated Ajax Upload script to v3.6
    * Fix for re-direct issues introduced with
    * Fixes and changes for Adsense appearance
    * Fix for direct messages not working with WPtouch exclusive mode
    * Added spam check for Push direct messages via a nonce
    * Added verification for Prowl API key
    * Added ability to define custom user agents in the admin (go nuts!)
    * Minor admin styling changes
    * Dropped official support for WP 2.6 (sorry folks, you should update!)
    * Dropped ‘skins’ references, they’ll be a part of WPtouch 2.0
    * Compressed style.css in theme for faster load times
    * Removed unused files

    Versions 1.9.3.x

    * Fixed issues with adsense ads
    * Fixed time since code bug on comments
    * Fixed issue where comment count could read as 0 when there were no comments
    * Fix for width bug in some situations when switching themes
    * Fix for scenarios where a different uploads folder path or name is used
    * Minor admin refinements
    * Porting CSS styles to a global sheet applicable to all our plugins
    * Push messages now come from your blogname not ‘wptouch’
    * Switch link now re-directs to the page the switch request came from, not back to home
    * Changed downloads admin area to support topics rss feed
    * Added additional icons in the admin
    * Fixed international languages display of time since on comments
    * Fixed logic with PUSH notification via Prowl
    * Removed unneeded files
    * Bug fixes
    * Style fixes for the display of comments
    * Fixed issue where regular theme view would not allow pinching for zoom
    * Fixed JS bug in theme
    * Possible fix for time since on comments not working in some situations
    * Added option to disable Ajax comments for those who can’t get them working

    Versions 1.9.2.x

    * Fixed issue where mobile switch to regular theme was always zoomed in and required refresh
    * Fixed issue where pages changed from published to unpublished still showed in the WPtouch menu
    * Fixed issue where ‘Load More Entries’ caused blank page or other issues. WPtouch now detect possible issues and defaults to pagination
    * WPtouch now loads minified versions of its CSS and JS for the theme, speeding up load times
    * Added check for wp-load.php before attempting ajax comments. Should fix WP comment posting issues. Working on better Disqus and Intense Debate support as well
    * Removed ‘Find in this page’ button, until bugs are resolved
    * Now WPtouch will not hide mobileSafari addressbar on single post pages on slower connections
    * Fixed bug where WPtouch admin would report that CURL wasn’t installed even if it was

    Version 1.9.1

    * Fixed bug for admin panel Ajax not working in some situations
    * Adsense re-enabled
    * Fixed bug where SPAM comments were pushed via Prowl
    * Push Notification options now announces if Curl is not available, instead of not appearing at all
    * Removed text-size adjust option, now replaced with user-adjustable font sizes
    * Minor code corrections

    Version 1.9

    * Fully compatible with WordPress 2.6 – 2.8.x
    * Major rewrites of theme files, css for simplicity, CoreTheme
    * Adsense has been temporarily disabled until we update code for new Google API changes
    * Added experimental support for Opera Mini & Palm Pre mobile browsers
    * Added filter trackbacks and pingbacks from display in comment counts
    * Added friendly ‘noscript’ display bezel for users with javascript Turned off
    * Added support for Prowl Push notifications for comments, user registrations, and direct messages (if Curl exists on the server)
    * Added ability to exclude categories
    * Added native select for Tags
    * Added theme switch confirm message, saves a cookie to not repeat
    * Added jQuery color picker in admin hex areas for easy selections
    * Added link to online icon generator in admin
    * Added style declaration for images in comments
    * Added ‘My Account’ button in the sub//header for logged in users replacing Logout
    * Added theme skin selection support, still no other skins enabled yet
    * Added post-options bar on single post page
    * Added new background selections
    * Updated plugin compatibility listing now loads from
    * Updated style for comments, working on full support for WP 2.7 comments, Intense Debate
    * Updated success message for ajax comments
    * Updated font zoom replaced by font-size adjust button
    * Updated ajax upload script to v3.1
    * Updated fancybox to compressed v1.2.1
    * Updated Ajax Upload script to 3.2
    * Updated compatibility code (Various WordPress install scenarios) ~ thanks to Will Norris for the suggestions
    * Updated a check if comments are open before showing the comments link
    * Updated local jquery in exclusive mode to use WP, not Google
    * Updated admin style and design
    * Updated search now floats overtop the headerbar
    * Updated the_content_rss() for excerpts, created a custom function which handles it nicely
    * Updated several images in the core images folder, building more dependency on CoreTheme
    * Removed support for WordPress 2.3, lowest known WordPress version supported: 2.6
    * Removed 404 image with English text in it, replaced it with localized 404 text
    * Removed depreciated or unused functions from previous releases
    * Removed ability to disable jQuery; WPtouch Exclusive mode should fix JS issues
    * Fixed home link in menu drop down now respects the logo/bookmark icon choice
    * Fixed WP Spam Free users having had new comments blocked
    * Fixed WPtouch appearing zoomed out and wide
    * Fixed custom page icons not showing up on pages
    * Fixed some domains not showing the beta download/news areas
    * Fixed style issue for icons on pages
    * Fixed the way javascript is called for a elements, should work better in other mobile browsers
    * Fixed switch link issue where regular theme switch link was broken
    * Fixed issue where chosen pages and icons did not appear in the drop down
    * Fixed a variety of scenarios where paths to files and images were broken
    * Fixed a few areas that had text not yet localized, improperly coded
    * More preparation for languages support
    * Preparation for WPtouch 2.0 and themes support (based on CoreTheme)
    * Other minor optimizations, fixes, changes


    * Fixed refresh issue (some pages keep re-loading)
    * Fixed mkdir issue on PHP4 installations
    * Set viewport to fixed width for device to prevent some sites from loading wide
    * Minor revisions to new CSS calendar icon styling
    * Added exclusive mode feature to help in situations where other plugins are incompatible, load too many scripts/css files and both break and slow down WPtouch
    * Added Fancybox for some feature descriptions in the admin

    Versions 1.8.x

    * Changed calendar icons from images to CSS-based only (they look sexay!)
    * Refined styling of header logo, text shadow, general appearance
    * Removed unneeded declarations from the WPtouch stylesheet
    * Tested and works efficiently with WordPress MU when installed site-wide (Finally!)
    * Disqus commenting plugins out-of-the-box styling enhancements
    * Changed post nav on the single post page to prev/next post, instead of entry titles for length’s sake
    * Fixed bug related to RSS feeds being broken in some situations
    * Fixed fatal error on line 153 undefined ‘is_front_page’ function for WP 2.3.x users
    * Fixed jQuery failing to load for WP 2.3.x users
    * Added option for font-zoom on rotate for accessibility, on by default
    * Fixed various styling bugs
    * Changed switch link in WPtouch to remain fixed width
    * Fixed various content overflow issues in WPtouch theme files
    * As a note for WordPress 2.3 users, WPtouch 1.9 will require WordPress 2.5+
    * Fixed new switch link to work under different WordPress install scenarios
    * Fixed switch link CSS style-sheet loading issues in some situations
    * Fixed missing mime types for icon upload through IE7
    * Fixed issues related to automatic favicon generation on a Links page
    * Changed footer switch links to mimic iPhone settings app appearance
    * Fixed misc scenarios for ajax-upload errors
    * Fixed path issues related to custom icons (sites on windows servers)
    * Fixed issues related to ajax comments not working in some situations
    * Added check for ‘Allow Comments’ on pages
    * Fixed Apache error (reported in logs)
    * Fixed admin styling issues on IE7, Firefox
    * Fixed issue with custom icons and the header logo
    * Fixed issue with the Classic background not appearing
    * Significant rewrite of core code for increased efficiency
    * Changed database calls to use wpdb object, will hopefully work with wpmu
    * Internationalization preparation of the admin and theme files (for WPtouch 1.9)
    * Added ability to add/delete custom icons that survive WPtouch & WordPress upgrades
    * Added ability to select left/full text justification, 3 font sizes
    * Changed how WPtouch admin panel shows icons, more room for custom icons
    * Added channel capability for Adsense
    * Now suppresses banners created by the Ribbon Manger Plugin
    * Minor tweaks to login, register, admin links, footer appearance
    * Minor tweaks to drop down menus, header styling
    * More refinements for search, categories & tag pages, ‘load more’ link
    * Text & code refinements in the WPtouch admin
    * Experimental support for the Blackberry Storm
    * Fixed issue with WPtouch header title display issue
    * Fixed issue related to login/logout/admin/register link path issues
    * Fixed issue where Bookmarks link when Advanced JS is turned off
    * Fixed issue with default icon case
    * Fixed issue with switch code on systems with PHP4
    * Fixed issue related to fresh installs
    * Fixed issue with Android and the sub-header menu links not working

    Versions 1.7.x

    * Added option to do GZIP compression
    * Suppressed warning about multiple gzhandlers
    * Fixed user agent detection code
    * Added ability to choose if WPtouch or regular version of your site is shown first
    * Fixed WP login/out button bugs
    * Added login/out auto-detect for WP 2.7 or pre-WP 2.7 sites
    * Fixed loading path issue that caused drop-down menu button to fail
    * Added choice between alphabetical or page order sorting of the drop down menu
    * Added clock icon
    * Fixes for categories drop-down menu (now shows post #’s)
    * Minor fix for categories drop-down menu
    * Automatic detection & support for Peter’s anti-spam plugin
    * Built-in support for Adsense in posts
    * Moved Stats tracking box beside Advertising Options
    * Better WordPress version support detection
    * More refined image auto-sizing with WP added images & galleries in posts / pages
    * Fix for WordPress shortcodes appearing in excerpts
    * Changed how WPtouch shows switch links
    * Auto-adjusting width/height for MobileSafari plugin objects (YouTube, Quicktime)

    Versions 1.6.x

    * Auto-resizing images in posts/pages on orientation change!
    * Auto-resizing WP image galleries
    * Better support for captions on images, gallery items
    * Added the ability to enable a quick login button w/ drop-down in the WPtouch header
    * Added the ability to enable categories as a drop-down item in the WPtouch header
    * Added the ability to disable WPtouch automatic homepage redirection (resolves white page issue)
    * Added the ability to manually select a re-direct landing page
    * Refinements in WPtouch admin
    * Enhanced support for WordPress 2.7 admin
    * Re-designed post comment bubble icon
    * Input box to inject custom code (Google Analytics, MINT, etc) into WPtouch
    * Basic support for Incognito & WebMate browsers on iPhone & iPod touch
    * Other code fixes, cleanups & optimizations
    * Other theme style cleanups and enhancements

    Versions 1.5.x

    * Added support for WordPress image galleries
    * Added support for single post page split navigation
    * Fixed admin footer links which did not locate WordPress install correctly
    * Added basic Google Android support
    * Changes in WPtouch admin appearance and styling
    * Added donate message in WPtouch admin
    * WPtouch now supports WordPress 2.3 or higher

    Versions 1.4.x

    * More jQuery tune-ups, now loads through wp_enqueue_script() or Google to prevent collisions
    * Changed $J to $wptouch to prevent collisions using jQuery
    * Offloaded jQuery loading from our folder to Google instead for WP > 2.5 sites
    * Fixed a bug in wptouch.php on line 232, fixing drop-down menu display issue
    * Fixed a bug where blank admin options were allowed instead of refused
    * Fixed a bug with overriding the site title in the WPtouch admin
    * Fixed some instances where ajax comments would not work
    * Fixed a bug where the loading of javascript files would load in your site’s default theme
    * Enhanced drop-down menu appearance
    * More compatibility with other plugins
    * Code cleanups and optimizations

    Versions 1.3.x

    * Tweaks for the jQuery bugs
    * No conflict setting added for jQuery
    * Support for DISQUS 2.0.2-x Plugin
    * Minor style edits and enhancements for the search dropdown
    * Another fix for drop-down Menu not working
    * Added ability to change the header border background color
    * Fix for slashes appearing before apostrophes in the header title
    * Admin wording changes, styling changes
    * Minor style enhancements to the theme
    * Fix for Menu not working on some installations
    * Style enhancements for the menu, search, drop downs
    * Style enhancements for comments, logged in users
    * Font adjustments for titles
    * Style changes for single post page heading, for better clarity
    * Admin wording changes

    Versions 1.2.x

    * Fix for the theme appearing in Safari browsers
    * Switch from Prototype to the more WordPress-native jQuery for javascript (much faster!)
    * Fix for wrong re-directs happening unintentionally if you use a static home page
    * Elimination of unneeded images, javascript (shaving more than 100KB!)
    * More template file cleanups, image & code optimizations
    * The addition of more comments in code templates to help you make custom modifications
    * Option to enable comments on pages
    * Option to manually enter in a new blog title (fixes cases where the blog title runs the length of the header and wraps)
    * Option to hide/show excerpts by default on the home, search, and archive pages
    * Switch code links are automatically injected into your regular theme’s footer now, and is only seen on the iPhone/ipod touch
    * In all, despite the addition of new features we’ve cut load times for WPtouch in half with this release over 1.2.x releases!
    * The ability to disable Gravatars in comments (more control over optimization & speed)
    * Redundant, unused template file cleanups (archive.php, search.php & page.php are now all just index.php)
    * More style enhancements and tweaks, fixes
    * Switched to Snoopy from CURL for the admin news section (thanks to Joost de Valk (

    Version 1.1

    * The ability to disable advanced javascript effects (fixes effects not working for some, speeds up the load time considerably)
    * Proper styling of embedded YouTube videos on mobileSafari in iPhone 2.0
    * Fix for the switch code not working on some blog installations
    * Redundant, unused code cleanups
    * More style enhancements and tweaks, fixes
    * the ability to enable/disable the default home, rss and email menu items
    * support for WordPress installations that have static home pages
    * dynamic WPtouch news in the administration panel
    * the ability to modify the default hyperlink color
    * major CSS & PHP cleaning, resulting in reduced size and faster load times
    * the ability to enable/disable tags, categories and author names on the index, search and author pages
    * support for DISQUS commenting
    * CSS refinements for comments, the drop-down menu, and overall appearance
    * styling for YouTube embedded videos
    * bug fixes for blogs installed in directories other than root

    Version 1.0
    # Initial release

    Looking for WPtouch support, or to discuss an issue?
    Visit our new Support Forums.

    WPtouch Friends & Family

    All-Time Donators of the WPtouch project:

    * David Morton
    * Darby Sieben
    * Patrice BONRAISIN
    * David Gibbs
    * Owen Youngman
    * Steve Paine
    * Ian McCoy
    * Sharon Faulk
    * Paul Polillo
    * Andreas Mueller
    * Exposed SEO
    * Thebird Pixel Advertising
    * Christopher Dodd
    * Rajiv Perera
    * Bottle Rocket
    * Eric Lindstrom
    * Toni Virgadamo
    * Andy Nightingale
    * Leonard Krill
    * Don McGee
    * Steven R Parker
    * Information as Material
    * Tara Simon
    * Ronald Blaisdell
    * Carol Wilkerson
    * Michael Linder
    * Yasuaki Miyashita
    * Fred von Graf
    * Igor Malyarov
    * Jason Hansen
    * Jonathan Broskey
    * Alfred Bertulfo
    * Henrik Hammer Berthelsen
    * D. Archibald Smart
    *, Inc.
    * Bryan Hoffman
    * Michael Sheehe
    * Gary Schultheis
    * David Mulholland
    * One Perfect Moment
    * Jason Wiebe
    * Nathanial Freitas
    * Arnaud Thuru
    * Alex Zarfati
    * Charles Hodgson
    * Harper Reed
    * Jacob Bell
    * Janis von Bleichert
    * Jennifer Frisby
    * John Jones
    * Edwin Prawiro Pranoto
    * Andy Piper
    * Discountsoft
    * AlthA Webdesign
    * Nick Vance
    * Textopus
    * Carroll Jones
    * Clifford DuVernois
    * Michael Caswell Photography

    Quick Links
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    * WPtouch (download)
    * WordTwit (download)
    * Earth Hour (download)
    * BuddyPress Geo (download)
    * Crossroads (download)
    * Integrity (coming soon)

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