Yesterday, Google released Android SDK. Today, Yahoo! announces that it has signed a deal with nine operators in Asia to provide oneSearch to their mobile internet portals and also mobile advertising solutions. The race to beat Google is on.
The new partnership agreements include the following carriers:

Aircel Limited (India), BPL Mobile (India), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL; India), DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi; Malaysia), PT EXCELCOMINDO PRATAMA Tbk. (Excelcom; Indonesia), PT Hutchison CP Telecom (Hutch 3; Indonesia), PT Indosat, Tbk (Indosat; Indonesia), PCCW Mobile HK Limited (Hong Kong) and Starhub Ltd (Singapore).

Last month, I announced on this blog that I’ve heard that an Asian carrier had signed a deal with Yahoo! (DiGi and Malaysia), and I had some information on the nature of the deal, which will include Yahoo’s Mobile Media Directory, a mobile content search engine.

With these partnerships, Yahoo! will clearly keep a step ahead of the competition in this area of the world.

Source: Yahoo Press Room. via Techmeme.

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    […]    在11月12æ—¥Google 发布了Android SDK以后,Yahoo随后就宣布了一个进军亚洲市场的公告,主要的内容为同亚洲地区的九个移动运营商合作推广Yahooçš„One Search,至此Yahoo已经同北美、欧洲、南美以及亚洲等地区的二十多个国家的运营商在移动搜索上建立了合作关系,以此表示其对移动市场的重视,同时这也是对Google手机联盟的一次有效还击,相比于Google手机联盟的遥远预期,Yahoo的行动来的更现实一些。 […]

    The article about mobile internet portals is very interesting. Perhaps the reponse is interesting as well. Can anyone translate this response?

    The mobile internet portals and the mobile advertising solutions (and service) really looks impressive! It seems to me that Yahoo! will represent a major threat to mobile content search engines such as Medio Systems, Jumptap, or MotionBridge , but I am not an expert on this topic. Regards, Gastouder school project.
    PS: @Nadir: in the article above is a link to (in the word announced). On that webpage, the link to Examples seems to be broken.