If you excel in web design, graphic design, Javascript programming, drawing or even gardening, and if you never wrote a tutorial and published it online, you just missed opportunity to get more traffic and links.

There are literally thousands of web sites that accept tutorials submission. Tutorials present many advantages:

  • Free advertising, tutorials websites usually accept free submissions
  • Traffic: if your tutorials are unique, you’ll increase your chances of getting traffic
  • Links: You will get a link from both the site you submitted your article to, but also from visitors who would have mentioned your link elsewhere
  • Sales opportunities: if you drive people to your site to have them read your tutorials, and if you provide services , you might convert these happy readers into customers.

A good example of tutorials web site is, the famous Photoshop tutorials site. They accept free submissions for all kind of articles related to the use of Photoshop. If you just found a new trick with Photoshop, you can try to submit it over there.

To find websites that accept tutorial submissions, you could go to Google and type this query:

“submit tutorial” “business”

Replace “business” by the field your tutorial fits in, for example “web design”, “php”, or even “gardening”.

One Response to “Write tutorials to get links and traffic”

    Lot of methods are there to get more traffic to web sites. Some of the methods to get more traffic and gain good position in search engines are mentioned below.
    * Article Submission
    * Blog Submitting
    * Directory Submission
    * Social Bookmarking
    * Authority Links(.edu & .gov links)