Today, the famous text link advertising company Text Link Ads announced that it has been acquired by MediaWhiz. According to TLA owner, Patrick Gavin, this change will allow advertisers to have new ways to drive traffic and sales thanks to email marketing, CPA offers, CPM displays ads etc.

For happy publishers like me :), it means more potential advertisers and new ways to make money!

I’ve been providing text links through this blog and I’m quite happy with the revenue I got. If you have a website and want an easy and quick way to make money, you should check out their offers.

One Response to “Text Link Ads Acquired by MediaWhiz, Offering New Services”

    I’m getting really annoyed with TLA because they don’t feel like re-checking my site for publisher entry until their robots are going to do it for them every other month, even though my traffic and other stats beat out lots of sites that currently are in the program. Very annoying–not very helpful this second time around that I’ve contacted them. Ick.