The readers of this blog know that links on comments do not have the nofollow tag. I’ve decided to do so because all comments are manually moderated, and Akismet does a good job of filtering spammy comments. So I find it fair to give credit to people who are adding valuable comments to my posts.

But the thing is, sometimes the comments are valuable, but people use keywords in the “Name” field, for example this guy. These comments will never be approved, sorry. It’s funny to see that the author of this comment is from a SEO company (didn’t even think of using an anonymous email address) whose owner is a writer at SEOmoz…

4 Responses to “Note Regarding Comments On This Blog”

    Nadir, I sympathize. I do nofollow comments to deter spam (and link to sites from the comments that I find interesting in posts or, but I’m still inundated with automated Russian blog spam. It’s all caught by Mephisto and none of it makes it to the front, but that doesn’t deter the bots from crawling and posting. Although I’m a white hat marketer, I do have respect for the cleverness of certain gray and black hats; but spam is and always will be dumb. At any rate, thanks for contributing and for helping to make it possible to discuss SEO and mobile search.


    Hi Nadir, I would never have came across your blog if you had the nofollow tag. I found it when checking a competitors back links on yahoo. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have put my 2 cents worth if you used the nofollow tag. We currently do have nofollow tags implemented on our dicussion forums and I’m amazed by the amount of conversions people are having with themselves on them. (Same IPs).

    I’m concerned our rankings would drop if we didn’t use them. What has been experience with them removed?

    Kind regards,

    I Really enjoy Reading Your Blog, it is Very interesting, inciteful and inspirational. Excellent. Keep up the great work!!!

    Hi Nadir, I agree to the fact that there are many users who put some keywords instead of names in writing blog comments, also some write vague or spamming comments just to put comments and nothing else. People should think to at least read the blog and then write genuine comments to generate good links.