I stumbled upon a funny website today called no to rel”nofollow”. The site is in German, and  even if I did learn German at school, I’m unable to (or rather lazy trying to) understand what it says exactly but the site’s tagline is just what I need to understand the owner’s anger and to agree with him: “Fight Spam not Blogs”.

I’ve been enjoying Loren’s latest post 13 reasons why nofollow tags suck, and really agree with the whole idea against the use of nofollow. If comments are edited, I don’t see why anyone would not give any link love to his readers and commenters who, in a certain way, help websites get more content, more links, and more traffic. Moreover, plugins such as Akismet, which work extremely well, should be sufficient to prevent spammy comments.

For that reason, I will soon remove link condoms on this blog, but beware, people whose names are “seo software”, “free directory” or “cool company” will still not get a link. Just real names please 🙂

9 Responses to “No to nofollow”

    Really interesting blogpost. I have been using the nofollowtag myself over the years but come to the same conclusion myself, it sucks.

    I notice u still using nofollow… !!!


    You’re right! I haven’t found the time to remove it yet, will add a plugin right now! 🙂

    Hi there, congratulations on your dofollow I suggest you join the group on . I believe that this “no nofollow” movement is going the put more personality among blogs…

    I suggest you look at your supplemental pages using google
    search: “site: *** -view”

    you have many supplemental pages.

    Kudos to you! No to nofollow!

    I agree 100%, give back the link love it’s what powers google and all other search engines.

    I stumbled upon your blog searching for information on this Rel=’external nofollow’ nonsense. I am still confused.

    If we implement a nofollow in out header, does it remove the hit we take, if any, for having a large number of external links AND/OR stop the SE from indexing THEIR content on my page? I am so confused. 🙂

    I read that external links share (or come at the expense of) some of your PR, so just wondering what to do to minimize this loss…and nofollow sounded good. Thoughts?

    Hi Katja,

    Yes, that’s what nofollow is meant for: links won’t get any credit if they have this attribute.

    It’s true that you need to optimize the link architecture of your site to “try” to improve PageRank distribution (or link juice for other search engines). Personally, I use robots.txt to do so, or use links format that search engines cannot follow.

    Must give you cred for fighting for the good cause, there must be better ways to stop spam than using nofollow-tags!