I’ve just installed the dofollow plugin that has disabled the “nofollow” attributes on the comments made on this blog. I’m pretty happy with Akismet, so I’m not worried about getting spam comments. So from now, all people who will comment on this blog will get some link love 🙂

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    I did the same several months ago — although, unlike you, I didn’t announce it. It certainly didn’t have any immediate impact on how much comment spam I received, although by a couple weeks ago I was going crazy with Akismet catching over 1000 spam comments per week.

    I’ll recommend considering the Bad Behavior bot blocking plugin as well, if that becomes a problem. It made a HUGE difference to me — I actually had two days this week without any comment spam! Miracle!

    Hi Joe, hmm, yeah I think I will install the Bad Behavior plugin as well, thanks! 2 days without any comment spam? Wow, this is a record!

    I’ve been doing the same for months now, and I love it. Why should I want to block people from some linklove if they give valuable comments on my blog 🙂

    You might wonder though if these links give much value… I’ve had a feeling for quite some time now that in-post links provide much, much, much more value than comment links… Quite easy to filter out as well of course.

    Want to tell everyone that you’ve turned off the nofollow in your comments? Check out my new “ifollow” logos- grab one for your sidebar!

    Thanks for the reminder… I have it installed on one blog but need to put it on all my others!

    A small job today to be added to the list. 🙂

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