After its $900 million ad link-up with Google, MySpace announced that they now want to convince big clients using free pages to promote their products and services to start paying:

Now, advertisers say the company is stepping up its efforts to convince big clients using MySpace’s free Web pages, known as profiles, to become paying customers as well.

MySpace has started to reach out to companies that are setting up commercial pages on the site, encouraging them to reach some kind of financial agreement and forgo the free ride,” says Jeff Lanctot of aQuantive’s Avenue A|Razorfish online advertising agency. “While this could include paying to have the page up, I think buying an ad package to support the commercial page is also a reasonable solution.”

For companies that target young people, MySpace represents certainly the most profitable mean to promote their services – providing the fact that they create something engaging.

I don’t think it will be easy for companies to suddenly accept paying for having a MySpace page. For example, Unilever hooked up with Christine Dolce to promote the Axe deodorant. The gorgeous girl who goes by the alias ForBiddeN has 999368 friends on MySpace…

Hat tip to Scott Karp at Publishing2.

One Response to “MySpace wants to convince big clients to pay for their profiles”

    not a bad idea,
    i m sure the big music labels are getting a lot of promoton through myspace. when now letting them pay for it