Ok, Pierre and Joe both tagged me. Now I got to share 5 things about myself, please don’t laugh! 🙂

So, let’s see:

1. I got into SEO by chance. On the last year of my Bachelor degree in France (a year ago, in 2005), I had to do a final four-month internship. I always wanted to go to California, so I decided to try to do this internship over-there while my classmates would freeze their ass in France. So how did I manage to get my ass 6000 miles from my home? Well, I kinda spam over 1000 companies in California with emails that I’ve found on craiglist. I used an emailing software and within a few hours, I had sent 1000 emails to companies from San Diego, L.A. and San Francisco. The next day I had a few companies that were ok to hire me, I chose the one that was the closest to the beach. It was a SEO company located in Carlsbad, CA. So I basically learned SEO from scratch in Carlsbad, in the San Diego area, and from that day, I fell in love with both California and SEO 🙂

2. I love Rap. Mostly old school stuff such as Public Enemy, KRS One, A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick, Bone Thugs N Harmony or N.W.A (West Coast!)… My favorite rapper is 2pac, then comes Eazy-E.

3. I didn’t know how to swim until the age of 16, I’ve always been scared of the water, even if my sun sign is Pisces.

4. I was a born in France but my parents are Algerian (Kabyles) immigrants.

5. I’m a heavy weekend drinker, I really started to drink when I was in Dublin, and now even in Paris, I’m still drinking Guinness even if my friends keep making fun of me.

Ok, now I need to tag 5 people. So, let’s see. Wow!, everyone has already been tagged. Alright, so let’s pick 2 french guys: Arnaud, and Sébastien Billard. Let’s see what my friend Earl Grey has to say. I don’t know her personally, but let’s choose Natasha Robinson to add a girl to the list. And Mashhoor.

7 Responses to “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me”

    Wow! What an ironic way to get involved in SEO! “How to spam your way to the top and get away with it!”

    I still can’t swim, personally (or, rather, I can barely swim, but there’s no way I’d survive a shipwreck…)

    You’re drinking Guiness Uh?
    I usually drink Guinness
    (Do not forget the double ‘n’!)

    Hi Kilroy, I’ve corrected the typo, thanks!

    So Joe, is Titanic your scariest movie?

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