Facebook Should Add A “Don’t Like” Button

In February, Facebook introduced a new feature called “Like”, which allows your friends or fans to tell you that they like the content you’re sharing.

The good thing about that button is that you can quickly let someone know that you enjoyed what he or she posted, but I know that the downside is that it creates less discussions, it’s easier to click on “Like” than expressing what you liked about the shared content with some words.

But what is truly missing is a “Don’t Like” button, I don’t know why Facebook hasn’t implemented such a feature yet.

For example, Depeche Mode has a page on Facebook. They’ve just announced the cancellation of some of their concerts in Brazil. And what’s really strange is that as of right now, 422 people “Liked” this on Facebook :

What does that mean? Are these people happy to hear that they won’t get to see the band?

Facebook tried to imitate Digg with its “Like” button, but I really think they should also add a “Don’t like” button, it will create more discussions and quickly allow posters to know the reaction of their friends/fans.

It will also help reducing the amount of shitty content that people share on Facebook 🙂

11 thoughts on “Facebook Should Add A “Don’t Like” Button

  1. mat

    There seems to be this fear about hearing negative things these days, its like people want us all to be living in a shiny happy bubble.

  2. Samuel

    Facebook should have already added both these options. Why are they adding the one and forgetting to add the other? Not everyone likes what they see.

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