I love tags, not the blog tags for services such as Technorati (which I’ll never use), but those like the ones used to save pages with Delicious.

Today, while searching an email in Outlook and realizing how painful it can be, I wonder if an email tagging service already exists, but didn’t found any. Wouldn’t be nice to have a delicious like service for Outlook and similar email applications? Or if you know a plug-in that already does that for Outlook, let me know!

3 Responses to “Email Tagging”

    Hi Nadir,

    I was discussing this with someone. I don’t have outlook, but there is a way to tag with just outlook:

    That may not be the most user friendly way to go. This company offers a tagging add-on:

    Though it looks like they were purchased about a week ago. Don’t know what that means for their future.

    Watching some recent videos from the Microsoft folks leads me to believe that tagging will be a bigger part of future options in Office software like Outlook.

    Hi Bill, cool links: you can find pretty much anything on the web, just have to dig for it ūüôā

    I will give taglocity a try (hope it won’t slow down Outlook or anything).

    Yeah, I’m sure email tagging is something that Microsoft has thought about, we just have to see when they will implement that.

    These guys have a pretty sweet app that actually speeds up Outlook. Their 2nd beta will be released soon.